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We're Kaas


We fund, acquire or start digital-first consumer brands. Companies obsessed about radically improving people's lives. We partner with ambitious and determined founders to build lasting disruptive brands with global potential. Besides capital, we bring strategic know-how, network and growth services to rewrite the rules and hit it out of the park.
Every investment begins with a profound belief on how the world is changing. We then back visionaries through direct investments from our strategic investor group to achieve benefits of knowledge arbitrage and network. In the early days, when starting a business, we learnt that access to the right people can unlock unrivalled competitive advantage.
At Kaas we solely focus on consumer brands. We bring in the right expertise to build digital-first businesses. We partner with founders to research, prototype, validate, and scale new ideas. When we invest we come in with a curated network of investors - all represented as a single line on your cap table. We are active in Europe only.

Investment Criteria

What we look for


We back companies obsessed about 10x-ing people's lives; teams rewriting the rules of shopping, eating, working, playing, living and learning in an ever-connected world.


We invest in companies where the application of consumer-grade tech sits at the core of the business, or the vision for the company.

Global Reach

We fund startups that have the potential to become cross-border successes; we want global thinkers from the get-go.